Volunteer of the Month: Robin Hill

SonRise Church is pleased to announce Robin Hill as our volunteer of the month. SonRise’s mission is to do whatever it takes to help people take their next steps with Jesus. We believe that Robin Hill lives out our mission because of her willingness to commit multiple hours a week serving others at SonRise and in our community. 

Robin and her husband, Randy Hill, coordinate SonRise’s Backpack Ministry. The Backpack Ministry at SonRise feeds weekend meals to approximately to 300 local elementary students each and every week during the school year. Some of the schools that SonRise’s Backpack Ministry supplies are:

  • Mariemont Elementary
  • Terrace Park Elementary
  • Seipelt Elementary
  • Meadowview Elementary
  • McCormick Elementary
  • Pattison Elementary
  • Boyd-E Smith Elementary
  • Mulberry Elementary
  • And more!

Typical backpack bags are filled with cups of apple sauce, mac n cheese, pop-tarts, granola bars, hot dogs, juice and more…ensuring that children won’t go hungry during their weekend away from the classroom. Robin oversees finding and leading volunteers who help fill weekend bags, ordering food items for the bags, maintaining SonRise’s PEACE CENTER ( facility in Milford where the backpacks are filled) and acting as a liaison between elementary schools and SonRise.

Robin has mastered the Backpack Ministry, making it run efficiently & effectively. Here’s a mental picture for you. Robin, her husband and family, as well as other volunteers have got the process of stuffing bags down to a science, in which, her team can fill 300 bags in 15-20 minutes! 

We are so thankful for Robin and her family’s commitment to serving at our Backpack Ministry. The Backpack Ministry is one of the many ways SonRise Church can live out our value of having irrational generosity. Managing the Backpack Ministry is a timely commitment and we wanted to know why Robin does it, she expressed:

“Our family serves because we know it’s what God wants us to do. We’ve always helped out when needed. My family and I began with simply stacking chairs after church on Sunday mornings. However, God pointed us into a new direction (Backpack Ministry) and we followed.  The truth is, my husband Randy and I have always had a passion for helping kids. In fact, foster care had always been a big dream of ours. We have six girls of our own and don’t have the room to bring in more like we’d hoped. God is faithful and gave us the opportunity to serve at SonRise’s Backpack Ministry where we can help 300+ students weekly. The Backpack Ministry is our alternative to foster care.”

When Robin isn’t leading the Backpack Ministry, running errands for her six children, or working as an RN at Bethesda North in the CVICU/MSICU, she enjoys walking, hiking, bike riding, playing board games and playing with chalk.

Before we concluded our interview with Robin, she wanted to express:

“We’ve been coming to SonRise for 5 years. My husband Randy, my daughter Regan, and I have been baptized at SonRise and it’s our first church as a family ever. SonRise has a special place in my heart because they opened their doors and hearts wide open for my family! I’m amazed at all the wonderful things that have happened in such a short time and am so thankful to call SonRise Church our home.”

It’s outstanding volunteers like Robin Hill who make SonRise Church the warm, loving and welcoming place that it is. More importantly, when our volunteers commit to serving they become the hands & feet of Jesus Christ, helping the world take next steps with Jesus.

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