Volunteer of the Month: Catherine Dawes

SonRise Church is thrilled to announce Catherine Dawes as our volunteer of the month. To say that Catherine is a busy woman is an understatement. Our volunteer of the month, who happens to be a mother of five, is constantly running errands and picking up children but still manages to volunteer multiple hours a week at SonRise Church. Catherine may be a little lady, who stands at a whopping 5 feet tall, however, her endurance to serve others and the church makes her stand out among the crowd.

Catherine has been an interior designer for 17 years. She received a degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Kentucky as well as an NCIDQ certification. Catherine applies her interior design passion and talent frequently at SonRise. By doing this, Catherine is a crucial person who helps communicate the mission, soul and personality of SonRise Church by overseeing the look & cozy atmosphere of our facility. Catherine is constantly freshening up our atrium by designing and implementing new displays for each series. Catherine has a “special eye” where she knows the perfect height to hang a frame, the exact color shade a wall needs to be painted or the best layout for furniture in our atrium, etc.  Her goal is to make SonRise a casual and fun space where attendees can take their next steps with Jesus.

Since Catherine is abnormally busy, we asked her, Why do you serve at SonRise?, she expressed:

“I enjoy working with awesome people. I feel fulfilled in the best way when I can do what I love and glorify God at the same time. SonRise Church holds a very special place in my heart, in fact, my husband and I got married at SonRise Church 13 years ago. Shortly after marriage, my husband’s job moved us away for over 10 years. During that time, we attended many, many different churches…but none of them were ever the right fit. We are so blessed to be back home at SonRise Community Church and I love serving here!”

It doesn’t happen often, however, when Catherine has some free time she enjoys painting, refinishing furniture and fixing up old/antique items for her home. Not just that, she loves biking on the Loveland bike trail with her kiddos in the summer.

We wanted to take a moment to honor Catherine because she is frequently giving up her time and talent in order to make SonRise Church the warm and welcoming facility that it is- while communicating the mission of our church. We are so blessed to have many outstanding volunteers that serve at SonRise Church and we can’t wait to honor more of you in the coming months!


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