SonRise Recently Contributed Thousands Towards Local, National & Global Missions

A huge thank you to our SonRise Church family for donating towards our Christmas Legacy Offering. Due to your generosity, we were able to donate over $12,000 towards local, national and global missions. SonRise Church strives to be a church with irrational generosity and it’s because of your financial gifts in the Christmas Legacy Offering that we are able to further our mission of helping people take next steps with Jesus. We can’t thank you enough for participating! Every penny was donated to one of the following organizations below. Each of these incredible organizations received a $2,000 check from SonRise Church.



Mariemont School District – SonRise Church has had a great longstanding relationship with Mariemont School District. We met in their High School for over 8 years prior to moving into our own facility. Since then, we have been able to host many of the district’s student retreats, teacher staff meetings and events. We value education of the next generation and we appreciate our local school district.

SonRise Church PEACE Center – Each week during the school year, the SonRise Church PEACE Center, located in the Milford Shopping Center, feeds approximately 300 local children by providing meals for the weekend through our backpack ministry- that’s approximately 10,800 meals a year. Our PEACE center is on mission to help spread the love of Christ to our community in many practical ways. The Christmas Legacy Offering will help expand and create new PEACE initiatives for our surrounding communities.


95network – The 95Network was designed to serve small and medium sized churches in the United States. Jim Powell and the 95Network have been working with SonRise to help clarify and implement our comprehensive calling. The comprehensive calling document includes our vision, mission, values and more. The 95network has helped SonRise Church uncover what God is calling our church to be. Because we have benefited from this process and their leadership we wanted to help provide opportunities for other churches to benefit from them as well. You can learn more about the 95network at

Mission Year – Connor McManus, one of SonRise’s very own, is on mission and doing incredible things with the organization Mission Year. Connor is currently working in Hunting Park, an inner city located in Philadelphia. Mission Year is an outstanding organization that offers young men and women fresh out of college the opportunity to do hands-on ministry work within cities. Mission Year exists to see people fall in love with Jesus and their city, come alive in their gifts and purpose, build beloved community across all dividing lines, and become advocates for God’s justice in our neighborhoods and the world.

Recently we received a thank you note from Connor himself.

“Dear Friends at SonRise,

I received your donation to my Mission Year and just wanted to say thank you so much! With the $2,000 donation that so many of you contributed to, I have almost reached my goal of being fully funded at $10,000! Mission Year uses a communal fundraising model, in which each team member’s goal is $10,000, but our ultimate goal is to be fully funded as a house. By helping me reach my individual goal, you have set me up to continue raising money on behalf of my teammates and to support them well. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope all is well at SonRise and that you are continuing to follow Jesus and love each other, as I am trying to do in Hunting Park.

With Love & In Christ,
Connor McManus”


CURE International – SonRise Church loves blessing and sharing the gospel within our community and country; however, we also understand that the Lord tells us to go make disciples in all nations (Matthew 28:19). With that being said, our church donated to CURE International -an incredible organization that provides physical and spiritual healing to children across the globe. CURE International has multiple hospitals and clinics located in some of the poorest and most dangerous places in the world. Our financial gift will help support their medical expenses for treating children all across the globe. CURE International has built an amazing team of well known Christian artists and athletes who have a passion for sharing the love of Christ. Popular Christian music artist, Chris Tomlin, is on the CURE board. Football star, Tim Tebow and his foundation built a CURE hospital in the Philippines. Even our pastor’s nephew works with a CURE hospital in Africa.  We are so thankful to bless CURE International because they are blessing children as far as the east is to the west.
To learn more about CURE International check out

World Help – SonRise Church is thrilled to support World Help, an organization whose mission is to serve the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. World Help supplies Bibles to individuals across the globe, fights sex-trafficking and provides assistance to local churches. Learn more about WorldHelp by visiting

Once again, thank you for participating in our Christmas Legacy Offering. Let’s continue to build a legacy that has eternal benefits!

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