The C3 Conference Made a Huge Impact On SonRise Staff

When you attend any type of business conference you experience something called “information overload” and leave mentally and physically drained. In fact, usually you’re more exhausted after attending a conference than you would have been working your typical work week. Most conferences leave individuals unfulfilled and the most satisfying moment of the conference is the breaks where you can use the company credit card for snacks, coffee and a hot meal. On the contrary, SonRise Church staff left a recent C3 Creative Church Conference at Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX. with energy, excitement and a passion for how we can further our church’s mission.

The Holy Spirit was alive and very present at the C3 conference. Imagine a room packed with thousands of church leaders, staff and church volunteers from all over the world praising our Lord and Savior. The unification and shouts of admiration for Jesus were overwhelming. God was speaking into each of us. When the Lord speaks, it is a beautiful thing that stirs a fire within the soul to accomplish whatever the Lord has laid on our hearts. When I say a fire, I don’t mean a campfire that you roast your marshmallows on; I mean a wildfire that can be seen for miles and miles.

Some of the world’s best preachers spoke at this event; including: the host and founder of C3, Ed Young, Steven Furtick, Julie Richard, J.Don George, Tim Chambers and Scott Thomas. To say that the speakers where phenomenal is an understatement. Even though these speakers were incredible, it was the behind the scenes volunteers—the parking lot team, door greeters, trash collectors, coffee baristas, etc.—that transformed C3 into the something unimaginable. Not once did I open a door for myself. At every turn, I was greeted with a smiling volunteer who was doing whatever it takes to share the love of Christ.

SonRise’s staff left this event highly motivated, encouraged and ready to implement new practices in order to reach those who need the most important thing in this world, Jesus Christ. On the plane ride back, everyone was focused drafting processes and practices the Lord placed on our hearts. Believe it or not, on a two-hour return flight, only fifteen minutes was spent talking. Now for anyone who knows the SonRise staff, you know this is highly abnormal for the extroverted group. Below you’ll find responses from SonRise’s staff regarding our experience at C3.

“I’ve never experienced the strength of God’s presence and Holy Spirit like I did at C3. It was unbelievable and like nothing I’ve ever encountered. If you didn’t leave the conference with a fire burning within your soul to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, you had to have been sleeping. God spoke and made it clear that it’s time to turn up for His kingdom. It’s time to reach our full potential and give our best to the Lord, which in return, will help further his Kingdom!”

-Alison Wiegand

Communications Director


“Last week I had the unbelievable opportunity to attend the C3 conference. I was so moved by the worship and the phenomenal visual creativity that accompanied it. In addition to the worship, the sermons had such a fundamental impact on me. Steven Furtick said something that got me thinking about the difference between the “Not Here’s” and the “Not Yets.” My prayer for SonRise is that we continue to love those who are no longer with us, but we press on to reach the “Not Yets.” Those who are still searching for the redemptive power of Christ… ”

-Danny Drummond

Worship Leader


“The C3 conference illuminated for me where our comprehensive calling journey can take SonRise, and the steps we can take to begin this journey with God. This experience also showed me the many gifts God has bestowed in our staff and how fortunate we are to have a group of individuals so deeply committed to answer God’s calling. Personally, I feel so energized and ready to help us take our next steps on this important journey.”

-Bob Welch



“The 2 days were packed with ideas to make our Family Ministries more exciting! I also loved hanging out with the SonRise Team!”

-Mark Urton

Family Pastor


“The two days in Dallas were by far some of the best days I’ve spent with the SonRise Team thus far. The friendships and team growth left me feeling super excited about where God is going to take us in the future! Not to mention, the INCREDIBLE moving and shaking of the Holy Spirit! It was such an awesome time to be in the presence of believers, praising our God and learning about new ways to grow His kingdom!”

-Tana Dykes

Office & Facilities Manager

The SonRise staff has already registered for next year’s C3 conference because of the powerful, rewarding and motivating learning experience it provided for our church. Please join the staff in prayer that the information that was shared will bring many blessings to the SonRise family as we seek to obey and serve our Lord.

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