Volunteer of the Month: Robin Hill

SonRise Church is pleased to announce Robin Hill as our volunteer of the month. SonRise’s mission is to do whatever it takes to help people take their next steps with Jesus. We believe that Robin Hill lives out our mission because of her willingness to commit multiple hours a week serving others at SonRise and […]

Volunteer of the Month: Catherine Dawes

SonRise Church is thrilled to announce Catherine Dawes as our volunteer of the month. To say that Catherine is a busy woman is an understatement. Our volunteer of the month, who happens to be a mother of five, is constantly running errands and picking up children but still manages to volunteer multiple hours a week […]

SonRise Recently Contributed Thousands Towards Local, National & Global Missions

A huge thank you to our SonRise Church family for donating towards our Christmas Legacy Offering. Due to your generosity, we were able to donate over $12,000 towards local, national and global missions. SonRise Church strives to be a church with irrational generosity and it’s because of your financial gifts in the Christmas Legacy Offering that we […]

Stay Connected

  Don’t Miss A Thing! Stay up to date on the latest and greatest with SonRise Church by following our social media accounts, subscribing to our weekly newsletter and frequently visiting our announcements page on the website. If you’re not receiving our helpful weekly newsletter, please notify our Communications Director, Alison Wiegand at awiegand@sonrise-church.com. Like us on […]

The C3 Conference Made a Huge Impact On SonRise Staff

When you attend any type of business conference you experience something called “information overload” and leave mentally and physically drained. In fact, usually you’re more exhausted after attending a conference than you would have been working your typical work week. Most conferences leave individuals unfulfilled and the most satisfying moment of the conference is the […]

Memory Verse

  SonRise Church’s Memory Verse Reciting scripture is a powerful tool that can be used in your prayer life and personal life. Please take the time to memorize our memory verses. We promise that taking the time to memorize scripture will make a huge impact in your spiritual walk with Christ. God bless! March 19th, […]

Stop, Listen & Go: Alison Wiegand’s Calling To Ministry

As a child we all have dreams of becoming a rockstar, professional athlete or a doctor. However, I always dreamed of being an anchor woman, in fact, that’s the major I pursued in college. During and after college I found myself exploring the field even further by job shadowing local TV announcers, working for three […]